My Yes Remains: Emilie Engel

My Yes Remains: Emilie Engel

Original German version, Margareta Wolff, English translation printed in 2008 by Roemer Printing Press. Official biography of founding sister, Sister M Emilie Engel. The process of beatification is pending in Rome (waiting for a physical miracle).


“The days in Schoenstatt were real days of grace for Emilie who daily prayed the Magnificat out of gratitude for them. They were days of profound
encounters. The longing of her heart was touched. She knew that she was personally addressed and accepted. God and the Mother of God had come close to her in grace. The inspirations of Father Joseph Kentenich, the leader of the apostolic movement, corresponded to her receptiveness for religious values. They showed methods for a practical way of lived faith in everyday life. They mediated impulses about how veneration of Mary could have a very personal distinction, how the teachers could get to know and love the Mother of God better as their mother. It was shown very practically how the Apostolic Federation guided its members to become like Mary. Mary stood before Emilie as her model, the ideal woman.”
My Yes Remains, p 51

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