The Covenant of Love A Journey to Holiness

The Covenant of Love A Journey to Holiness

Compiled by Sr. M Corelia, Lamar, Texas, 2006, 163 pages


The Schoenstatt Movement was established in Texas in 1949 when Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary came to the Diocese of Corpus Christi and settled in Lamar.  Since that time women throughout the state have discovered the educating, loving power, and influence of Mary, Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen, and Victress of Schoenstatt.  Mary, Christ-bearer, Christ-bringer, continues to walk through our world on a journey seeking ready hearts who wish to imitate her power of love.  This book is the story of seven women who mastered life in the joy of their covenant with Mary.

Sister M. Corelia Bechold accompanied these women on their pilgrimage through life.  She watched them discover what it means to grow in holiness in the shadow of the Confidentia Shrine.  She shared their joys and sorrows, and walked with them that final journey.  These are their stories as she experienced and recorded them.

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