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Power In My Hands Premiere

“Power In My Hands”  is a film that uncovers the beauty, timelessness and power of the rosary. Its primary purpose is to help viewers understand the power to revitalize America – a society in spiritual crisis, and instill an active response to the Blessed Mother’s plea for prayer. Hope through Jesus Christ is the ultimate

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Año del Padre Kentenich

Querida Familia de Schoenstatt, La Presidencia Internacional les envía un cordial saludo desde Schoenstatt en este día de Pentecostés. En nuestro lugar de gracias y de origen imploramos para todos ustedes los dones del Espíritu en la fiesta del Espíritu Santo. El próximo año celebramos los 50 años de la partida de nuestro Padre Fundador

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A Year Dedicated to Father Kentenich

In 2018 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the death of our father and founder, Father Joseph Kentenich (1885-1968). We invite you to a Father Kentenich Year starting on September 15, 2017 and ending with the 50th anniversary of his passing away on September 15, 2018. Let us focus on our father and founder for

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Father Kentenich on the Holy Spirit, Words Spoken in 1965

“Let me reveal to you an important secret of holiness and happiness…” Make it your life-long resolution to withdraw for at least five minutes each day. During this time veil the images of your imagination and close the gates of your soul, especially the gates of your eyes and ears. Then look more deeply into

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In a Few Days our Journey Begins

In a few days our convention begins,  our missionaries from more than 13 states will begin to arrive, and new doors will open for us to discover how to be instruments of God in these times. Our main goal is to evangelize the world, that is, to bring Christ and His message to others! We

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May 20 – A Day to Remember

On Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 1945, Father Kentenich returned to Schoenstatt from his years as a prisoner of the Nazis. The war was over, the persecution a thing of the past, and the rejoicing of his spiritual family knew no bounds. Indeed, God had seen fit to return the founder in the best of health.

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Small but Powerful Token

By Melissa Tebben This token was first inspired after witnessing a young man sobbing alone on the side of a busy roadway. Wanting to give him something to show God’s love, a miraculous medal was the only token that was available.  Months later, the inspiration came stronger when a dear friend, who suffered of dementia,

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Father Kentenich on the Meaning of Fatima, 1965

Words from Father Kentenich, St. Michael’s Parish, August 22, 1965 What is really the meaning of the history [of Fatima], what does God want to imprint upon us through its history? To understand this, we need to interpret the expression consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother. What is the meaning of a

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We Owe Him a Lot!

We pray in gratitude for the Ken Theisen’s service to the SRC. We owe to him the fruitful and prolific beginnings of this powerful apostolate. For over ten years, Ken prepared thousands of images of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother. Let us remember him and his family in our prayers. Kenneth M. Theisen, 93, who passed away

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About the Annual Convention Registration

At this point, all the rooms in the Schoenstatt Retreat Center are taken. We have reserved 15 double bedrooms in Country Springs Hotel. To make your reservation at the hotel please: call 262-547-0201 and identify yourself with Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary or Schoenstatt Retreat Center The hotel prices for us: Thursday 6/8 night $79.00 Friday

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Missionaries’ Pilgrimage Day in Texas

by  Carlos Cantú, Rockport, TX The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign sponsors two special days each year at the Confidentia Shrine in Rockport, Texas for Missionaries and those who receive the Pilgrim MTA in their homes.  These two days take place in November and March.  The most recent one took place on March 12, 2017.  On these

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Taller de Formación para Misisoneros

Misioneros de Winnipeg, Canada, en la parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, se reúnen el 21 de enero para ofrecer un día de taller y formación. Allí han de participar todos aquellos que reciben la imagen de la Virgen Peregrina de Schoenstatt, y por supuesto, todos los misioneros que portan la imagen a distintos lugares.

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Be Genuine, Presume Nothing, Bring Christ and Mary

By Curtis Kneblik In reaching out to others it is best to be authentic and real.  I mean, don’t put on a holy atmosphere as if you had something they don’t have. It’s best to just be yourself!  We are all sons and daughters of the Father, we are already special. Being a missionary of the Pilgrim

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Reaching Out to Others, Bringing Christ and Mary

By Carol Mechler, IL Reaching out to others with joy to proclaim the message of the Gospel, which we live and are a witness of, is the challenge and duty given us, the laity, in this new time of evangelization for the Church.  Thankfully, we have our Blessed Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of

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Before Closing the Year 2016

Before closing the year 2016 missionaries from Atltanta, Georgia, gathered to renew their commitment, to crown the images of the Pilgrim Mother, and send out two new missionaries, for the new year 2017. These missionaries wish everyone a blessed year 2017, and send us a quote from Father Kentenich: “Remain loyally united, and do not

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Arizona’s Grand Crowning

By Sally LeRoy   In Arizona we were blessed to celebrate the crowning of the Queen of the Three Graces on Saturday, November 19, 2016. This is also the birthday of Father Joseph Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt. The procession was lovely! The Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. John Ebbesmier, the Pastor of St. Joachim

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Covenants and Crowning

  In preparation for the crowning, the missionaries of upstate New York, in Buffalo, renewed their covenant of love. For many years these faithful missionaries have been spreading the love for Christ and Mary, through the Pilgrim Mother.    

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Mary was crowned in the Bronx, too.

By Millie Cornelio On Friday, October 21, 2016, the families of St. Simon Stock Parish, in the Bronx, united to crown the Pilgrim MTA shrines. Esmeralda Ramos with the Daughters of Mary began the celebration with the rosary, leading the families into the Eucharistic Celebration. The Holy Mass was offered in thanksgiving for the 102nd Anniversary of Schoenstatt

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El frío no los detuvo.

By SRC Office El viento frío nos hizo pensar en la pureza de la Virgen, en la mañana del sábado, 22 de octubre. Nos reunimos en la ermita del la parroquia de San Andrés, en Clifton, diócesis de Arlington. Después del desayuno, una reflexión, canciones y anuncios, pasamos a la ermita para coronar nuestras imágenes

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The experience in Bayou Region was beyond expectations.

By Joan Rodrigue We crowned our Pilgrim MTAs and recommissioned our missionaries before the 10:00 AM Holy Mass on October 22, 2016. The Holy Mass was celebrated by Father Al Davidson at St. Joseph the Worker in Pierre Part, LA. Regional Coordinator, Joan Rodrigue began the ceremony with a brief overview of the history of

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Ohio gathered a crowd to crown our Queen.

By Susan Bernhold and Marlene Rutschling Our Ohio ceremony was on October 18, the Covenant day. Please enjoy the photos below of our Mass, Schoenstatt Crowning Ceremony and dinner at Sacred Heart Church, in McArtyville.  Fr. Steve Mondiek presided the Holy Mass and the Crowning Ceremony.  We had approximately 300 people attend and many came afterwards for

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Crowning in the Fort Worth Diocese

By Anita Mitchell In the Fort Worth Diocese the Crowning Ceremony was held on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. at Our Lady of Schoenstatt Wayside Shrine at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in the Fort Worth Diocese located in Grapevine, Texas. It was a beautiful day in the 70s under a cloudless

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Missionaries of the Pacific Northwest met in November.

By Deanna Leonard, Oregon It is with sincere gratefulness to Our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt, that we report the success of the first regional conference of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign, held November 18 – 20, 2016, in Kennewick, Washington.  Our Mother Thrice Admirable guided us and worked many little miracles to help

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Crowning Events 2016

  Dear Friends of the Schoenstatt’s Pilgrim Mother, From all parts: North and South, East and West, we are receiving wonderful news about the crowning of our Queen of the Three Graces. Saturday, October 22, and Sunday, 23, have been days in which we showed our gratitude and love to the Mother of God. Some

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English: Queen of the Three Graces’ Crowning from Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign on Vimeo. Spanish: Coronacion Reina de las Tres Gracias from Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign on Vimeo.

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Three Days of Mercy with our MTA

As part of our preparation for crowning our Mother Thrice Admirable in each of her pilgrim images, we  are invited to meditate on the three graces from the Shrine in view of the year of mercy. The booklet soon to be available is called: Three Days of Mercy with the Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and

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Juntos llevaremos tu Imagen

Just having been in Schoenstatt during those days of the great celebrations was an outstanding grace. Sharing these graces with 10,000 Schoenstatters from all over the world, was indescribable. To be among those 10,000, who represented a few million brothers and sisters from so many countries, has been a great excitement. We know that in

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She came to us…

One of the highlights of the Jubilee celebration was the renewal of the Covenant of Love on the 18th. Due to the large numbers of people, the celebration was in the outdoor arena. At first I was disappointed. I wanted to be at the Original Shrine to renew my covenant, the shrine was just a

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Viva Schoenstatt!

  Viva Schoenstatt!” With these words began the homily of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, yesterday, Sunday, November 3, at the crowning Holy Mass for the Auxiliary Pilgrim Mother of New York City. The Church, Our Lady Queen of Martyrs, with capacity for over 900 people opened its doors to a little over 1,000 people. Nine priests

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Fr. Kentenich


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