Blessed Christmas 2019

Dear Missionaries,
This Christmas, may your homes and hearts be filled with the love and joy of Bethlehem! May the new year find you with a spirit of gratitude for the past and readiness to face the time to come!
When John Pozzobon set out on his mission to bring the MTA into the homes and families of Brazil back in 1950, his main goal was to bring Christ, his life, message, and transforming power into the lives of others. Like and with Mary, he began a journey of numberless Visitations. By rotating the image of Mary from home to home, he became an instrument of countless Bethlehem experiences as well. The secret behind the fruitfulness of his work was his covenant of love with our MTA. For us, too, the covenant is the key to the fruitfulness of our apostolate.
In 2019, we tried to bring the covenant of love with the MTA much more to the foreground. By learning how to introduce our pilgrims and those who receive the Pilgrim MTA to the covenant, we have helped many people strengthen their life of faith. Let us continue to do this! As of February 2, 2020, the material in preparation for the Pilgrims Covenant will be available in English and in Spanish on our website.
With trust and gratitude, we set out in 2020 to bring numberless Visitation and Bethlehem experiences to those who are part of your circles. Here are a few ways we, in the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother’s office, would like to provide the help and assistance needed for your task as missionaries.
The office of the Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother is now under the administration of Sister Gabriela Maria (262-522-4326, When you have any questions, want to place an order, or request material, contact us via phone, email, or the website. Sister may reply to you directly or guide your concern to Sister M. Isabel.
After this time of transition and re-organization, we are sharing with you a little catalog with newly released items and printed material. The much requested Pray the Rosary brochure will be presented as a totally new publication. The new version contains excerpts from the Heavenwards Rosary reflections and original drawings made by Johan Minten. It is beautiful!
If you are working with the sick, with children, or with youth, know that the prayer book that accompanies the image of the Pilgrim Mother is being supplemented with additional materials. The Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother for College Students is a supplement for youth and the Lightning Rod for those who are ill. A brand new publication is being developed for the children’s Pilgrim Mother. Stay tuned!
Lastly, we have one more item of interest to share with you in the form of a request. For a more robust missionary work in our times, we would like to focus our attention on the digital means of communication, especially the website and the Facebook page. For this, we need your help! We are going to discontinue our regular publication of the newsletter. We encourage every coordinator and missionary to share and post, to write and forward information about their apostolic endeavors. A few lines stating the date, the place, the event, one comment, and three photos is all we need. If you send it directly from your phone, send it to the following number: 262-888-0082. WhatsApp works, too! Could you help us? Could we make this our common new year’s resolution? If everyone contributes, we can certainly create a strong network of love for Mary and commitment with her mission. The new hours of Visitation and the ongoing Bethlehem experiences of our time tend to happen more and more frequently via the newer means of communication.
Let’s give the MTA a greater outreach scope! Just as Pozzobon fulfilled his mission in the villages of Brazil back in the 50s and 60s, we, are called to be the little donkeys of Christ and Mary in the highways and modern ways of our time.
May our new-born King and Savior bless you, your families, and those who receive your image of the Pilgrim Mother!
United in our Marian mission,
Sister M. Isabel                                             Sister Gabriela María
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